Speed cameras

The State Government’s new freeway speed camera next to the existing Leawood Gardens camera will specifically target trucks and buses and is being done to…

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Revenue raising or risk reducing?

Fixed speed cameras such as those on the freeway are highly divisive pieces of technology. There are those who quite rightly argue that if motorists…

Remembering the women at home

For almost 100 years Australians have paused on November 11 to reflect on the sacrifices made by those who died or suffered in wars. But…

Traffic gridlock

The need for the opening of the new Bald Hills Road freeway interchange at the earliest opportunity becomes glaringly obvious when one is stuck in…

Cut to speed limit

It’s no wonder the residents campaigning to drop the speed limit through the centre of Bridgewater from 60km/h to 50km/h are puzzled by the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure’s (DPTI) decision to maintain the status quo.

In the fast lane

The statistics from the latest speed camera operation in the region are alarming, although not surprising. The operation, undertaken between December 14 and March 31,…

Traffic problem

Anyone walking down Flaxley Road outside Mt Barker High School at 3.15pm on a school day would see exactly why concerns are being raised about…

Valid concerns

A drive down Dumas Street in Mt Barker at morning school drop off time will highlight exactly why the Mt Barker Primary School community is concerned about plans to add a new park n ride to the busy thoroughfare.

Parking problems

Human nature being what it is, we often don’t tend to make a concerted effort to fix a problem until we absolutely must.