Kavel MP Dan Cregan was savaged by Premier Steven Marshall over last week’s acceptance of the Speakers role in the House of Assembly describing him as ‘self interested’ and ‘highly ambitious’. Mr Cregan, who quit the Liberal Party four days earlier to become an independent, says he wants greater action from the Government in the electorate.

Up front

Flying solo

The Member for Kavel has dismissed claims that ambition and self-interest propelled him into the lucrative Speakership days after his defection from the Liberal Party, saying his community was his first priority. Dan Cregan faced a barrage of criticism from former Liberal colleagues last week when he ascended to the House of Assembly Speaker’s chair after helping the crossbench and Opposition oust his former colleague Josh Teague. But Mr Cregan – who on Monday said he would donate his pay increase to local community groups – told The Courier he was not seeking “any economic or other benefit” for himself. He said his actions had put “an enormous spotlight” on the needs of Kavel.