Mr Cregan told The Courier on Monday that his concern over the Government’s inaction in the Hills had grown “every single day” since the election and that his decision to leave the Liberal Party was aimed at creating “maximum competition” in the electorate.

Up front

MP’s shock decision

The State Government’s failure to cater for the region’s massive growth has forced the Member for Kavel to defect to the crossbench just weeks after backflipping on his shock decision to leave politics completely. Dan Cregan announced on Friday he would contest the Mt Barker-based seat of Kavel as an independent, saying the State Government had no plan for the region’s “massive” population growth. Mr Cregan said the Hills needed a new hospital, a new ambulance station, further investment in education and a commitment to public transport, ideally to rail. But he said he had been told by a senior government advisor he wouldn’t get that investment because Kavel was a safe Liberal seat.